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Importance of fire hose testing

As a policy from the relevant bodies to ensure that the fire hose installed or used by the firefighters is safe and is working properly they have to be checked regularly. This makes sure that the hose pipes are in good condition and they can work as required when any fire emergency arises. Fire hose testing not only protects the people in the premises or business but also to the emergency personnel that helps in suppressing the fire when there is any fire threat in any place. The hose reel after being manufactured and installed in the building for fire safety procedures, they can stay for too long without being used and this is because rarely do any fire emergencies occur if there are policies that help in such emergencies and fire protection. Therefore if they are not used frequently they might not end up performing as they are required therefore time to time testing is important. Among the things that are tested together with the fire hose reels are the nozzles that are used together with the hose pipe and the locks that fasten the non-thread hoses so that they do not disconnect unintentionally. You need to find a fire hose tester who will ensure that your hose reels are in a top-notch performance. It’s a requirement by the safety boards that deal in fire protection to annually test the hose reel and change the ones that are not fully functional. Many benefits come with the fire hose testing and in this article, we are going to discuss them.

The first benefit that is associated with fire hose testing is knowing the amount of the pressure that a specific hose can accommodate. This can be to the attack hose that accommodates the most pressure and the other hose pipes. As a firefighter, you do not want a scenario that your fire hoses cannot accommodate the pressure while in an emergency. Fire hose testing prepares you to know the level of pressure that your fire hose can accommodate with their particular nozzles such that in any case, you do not force too much pressure on them.

The last benefit associated with the fire hose testing is having a full capability to suppress a fire. The fire hose reels are fixed to sprinkler systems that are triggered by smoke and in the process take out the fire at the early stages. With a good functioning fire hose then both the systems work efficiently to provide the needed water fire protection. Before the sprinkler is triggered since it requires a lot of heat and smoke the fire can be stopped by the use of the hose reels and in such cases, the fire will be small and will not have spread to too many parts, therefore, the well-tested hose reel can stop the fire from spreading at the earliest stage.

A lot of disastrous things can happen if the hose reel does not function properly therefore as a premises manager, firefighting house or a business owner you need to periodically test your hose reels to ensure they are performing as required since there are a lot of advantages that come along.

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